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my 6.2 has been shifting wierd lately... i have a 6.2 with a 400 trans, about a year and a half ago the vacuum pump went out and the truck would shift very late because of no vacuum... i changed the pump again last week because of the same shifting problem and it seemed to fix the problem but today i was driving and out of the blue it started shifting late again... i checked the old pump with a vacuum gage and it held about 23" Hg so it shouldn't have been bad... i've heard of the vacuum regulator on the side of the ip going out but i cant find it at any parts store or the dealer.

if it helps both the new and old pump when tested in the truck directly from the pump show to pump about 17" - 22" but it constantly jumps between the two. when i rev the engine it steadies out around 20"
at the transthe vacuum is about 10" at an idle
and i have checked all the lines for leaks

can any body help me out.
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