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If you want your ride to be super fast and furious install a Superchips product on it. This tiny multi-purpose tuner is really what you need to wake up the beast inside your Chevy Silverado. With the easy to follow instructions of the Flashpaq tuner, you'll be able to control the inner powers of your Silverado better.

Seriously, everything will be under your control from that moment. With this tuner you can easily customize the operation of:
* air/fuel ratio;
* fuel injector flow rates;
* spark timing;
* throttle sensitivity;

Just a few clicks can noticeably improve the track's performance, tow power, increase your fuel economy and calibrate your speedometer in case you have larger wheels. Trouble codes are not your problem anymore, with the diagnostic trouble codes option any glitches in your vehicle's system will be retrieved, stored, and cleared whether your check engine light is on or off.

Superchips® - Chevy Silverado 2015 Flashpaq Tuner

* Connects to any OBD II vehicle diagnostic system;
* Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on all vehicles;
* Proudly manufactured in the United States;

Hurry up! Only at CARiD just until the end of August, we announce the MASSIVE PRICE REDUCTION ON ALL Superchips products.

If any additional questions regarding our products appear, feel free to contact us any time. We are open 24/7 365 days a year to make your business with us the most convenient as possible.
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