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My dad made a RV out of a 1994 Ford f-350 van and that van has the 7.3 liter diesel engine. Unfortunately the RV van is very heavy and he is very slow going up hills or when he needs to pass. He wanted to buy a turbo for it but was told that his non-turbo engine was not going to be enough to handle the turbo so he bought a whole other 7.3L IDI turbo engine. - Now he has 2 engines: turbo and non-turbo.
I came across some information on the net a while ago (can’t remember where) that said that the IDI turbo would not add all that much power and even that Ford specifically detuned the turbo to make the Powerstroke seem that much better. Apparently, there are some things that can be done to the IDI turbo to “undo” the detuning that Ford has done to get more power out of it.
I’m wondering if anyone here knows or has any tips on what can be done to get more power for my dad’s van. Is there a way to tune the IDI turbo or engine? Would an aftermarket turbo be better?
Thank you!
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