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Ms Rudy 6.0
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Hi Guys (Ms Rudy Here)

I am the typist and computer person, Hubby is the mechanic.(who does not always explain things well) . so bear with us if something does not quite sound right..

My husband has been pretty decent with mechanics on this truck in the past but this one has him stumped. Any help will be appreciated

2004 6.0 Ford Lariat
224k miles:
Daily Driver For retired person.. So really not driven many miles
Occasionally pull a mid sized farm tractor..Or a small Boat
2nd Owner
I have no history or records from previous owner.. (divorce situation, wife sold the truck but knew nothing about it)

A Few months ago He performed EGR DELETE and Replaced a very NASTY oil cooler.. put everything back together and the truck ran great but had a small coolant leak..and fuel economy started going to crap.. NO SMOKE We were told the leak was at the oil cooler gasket .. so last week He took everything back apart, checked the oil cooler, the gasket was good but found the leak was at the EGR DELETE,, all he had to do was tighten the hose clamp at the intake manifold... So He put everything back together just as is was before (we thought) and suddenly had an oil leak at the turbo.. (only ran it for a couple of minutes in the garage before spotting the leak) Turns out there was a loose drain tube on the turbo only lost about a quart of oil.. refilled oil, washed motor down and drove the next day.. suddenly getting loss of power and fuel economy is really, really bad.. (Dropped from about 12MPG down to 5MPG )... we still have no smoke but the tail pipe is black and chalky.. .. Oh,, Also.. when reassembling we attempted to plug in the engine oil sensor the plug broke off the pig tail,, so we replaced the pig tail, the new plug would not fit.. ended up replacing the whole pressure sensor and thought maybe that would solve the loss of power issue.. but it did not

Any suggestions what could be causing this new power and fuel economy issue????

Thank You

Rudy & Lynn Strickland
Plant City FL
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