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See below:

Installs performed in Southern Cal – City of San Dimas 91773.

We are close to being ready to introduce the new Turbo Lifesaver 2 that is fully auto in operation (does not require a “set” step). The typical system has a target price to the end user (uninstalled) of $199.00 ish. This unit is really two units in one as it has a manual trans mode (timing cycle starts when key is turned off) and manual trans mode where the timing cycle starts when the park brake is set. I have a copy of the owners manual for the device so you may preview it. Just send me an IM with your email address.

We are looking for a few trucks in our local area to serve as final testers so we can take install pictures and get a few more units on the road:
We would like one of each of the following with auto trans & manual trans:
7.3 liter, 1999 +
6.0 liter
08 – 10

For $150.00 owners get a complete system installed. We need the truck for 1/2 day.

Contact Joel

Innova Design & Distributing, Inc.
441 W Allen Ave Ste 102
San Dimas, CA 91773
909.971.0000 Phone
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