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Hi all;
I thought I would take a little time and introduce myself. I am the owner of Double R Industries and currently hold the position of Chief Everything Officer. I am a 58 year young ex dairy farmer who landed in the manufacturing and distribution business after estate issues made my operation work like I was :bdh.
I have spent most of my life driving and working with something that made black smoke, be it farm tractors, payloaders, track loaders, Helicopters(Navy), 18 to 38 wheels over lower 48 and 5 canadian provinces.
I stumbled upon my product in a shop that was closing down. I was there to pickup a milling machine that i wanted for hobby purposes. I put 10% down on the entire company before I left that day. Since then we have had the engineering redone. The Powerjack was originally invented in 1986 and was used by the some power companies in Minnesota, Nebraska, and the Dakotas . You will also find somthing that looks quite similar with a crank instead of a cylinder on some of the Uhaul trailers.
I do have two manufacturers reps helping me with sales. In Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota please contact James Vaessen Limited @ 612 804 6205. In Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri Please contact Jeff Van Leuvan @ 888 792 2980
As of this week we also handle the American Truck Box line of truck and trailer side boxes. Please bear with me as I finish my new website

Thank you

Rod Rensink
712 725 2450
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