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hi, i'm stumped so help!!!!! please

i have a 97 international dt466e it has the heated fuel filter housing that is sitting upside down... it Doesn't have the plastic cup and screen system... anyway if it sits over the weekend then it doesn't want to acts like a fuel problem , when it starts very sluggish till it warms up then fine..

checked filter by unscrewing the bleeder screw.... full with fuel when pushing the primer pump..

replaced primer pump was leaking when change

no codes in computer.

icp was wet starting to leak change....figured not as no code

hooked up pressure gauge for high pressure oil pump, 600-1000 when cranking

fuel pressure at filter housing is 60psi.... it does fall off after shut off, tried a couple the regulators off known good running trucks no change....known good running truck is fine with regulator of truck with problem... as soon as you crank it pressure returns

checked fuse holders at battery all good

changed out the two relays in front of computer on firewall no change....

changed out filter housing with known good truck..... no change..... grabbing at straws now....
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