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Hi! New to the forum. My family recently acquired a rural property that has a diesel emergency generator . According to the caretaker, he has never seen it run in the ten years or so he has been working there. It appears to be in good condition overall. The crankcase oil is clean. My online search makes me think it is caterpillar. I need help from people who know this stuff. It has an external 250 gallon tank that has fuel in it that is probably >10 years old. I'm thinking change the fuel filter, hook it up to a temporary fuel source and spin it over. I've revived a lot of gas engines, but never a diesel. Any help/advice is appreciated.

Mark Anderton
Virginia Beach

Later - thanks to all who looked at my post. After searching some part numbers we found on manifolds, etc. We found that this is a Hercules D2300. We made a short WILL IT START video at

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