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Hello Guys, my beloved 1LW is pushing water thru the exhaust, consuming about 2 to 3 gallons on a 200 mile round trip, not over heating, not pushing water out of the rad cap either, did the bottle test and no a single bubble.

I've called a few shops and every one is busy for at leas two weeks and I cant wait that long, I'm mechanically incline but never done this my self, theoretically I'm better mechanic than most of the shops in the area, but I have never done any work inside the engine my self, I know I can do it, if any doubt on something I can call a couple of guys to help me clear the doubt, I'm a bit nervous but pretty sure I can do it, been hesitating all morning to start, but the time is here so I must start now, please wish luck and if any body has any idea what it could be let me know, or if any of you has any pointers on how to do something like, cam removal or anything technical that could make it easier and better please do not hesitate.

I really appreciate all opinions but, but make sure if you are going to say something it is something positive and something you know and have done and can help me go thru this the best possible way, no guesses please I don't need any confusion right now, due to my financial and health situation I'm as stress as I can be.

I hope i didn't sound arrogant on my plead for help because I'm not, I'm as humble as any body can be and really appreciate your help big time . Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on how things develop

This is a my own copy paste from another forum I posted trying to get as much help and Ideas as possible on this job. Thank you.
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