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OK, this is probably going to get confusing, but here goes...

I used to have a Ford gasser with a superchip. got ridda it and got the 6L
I sold the superchip to a buddy with another ford gasser.
Now he has a 7.3L. However, the 7.3 that he has Used to have a superchip on it and it is currently programmed to tow mode. Problem being that the superchip that was on the 7.3 was stolen a while back outta the truck.

Question: Can he send off the superchip for the gasser and get it reprogrammed for $150 like i read in another post to use with the 7.3 and be able to change programs?? he was considering getting it reflashed at ford back to stock, and then getting a new tuner, but jw if this would work and save some $$...? Thanks!

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