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I recently drove a couple box truck rentals while moving. One was a 27' with lift gate and air brakes. The other was substantially smaller with hydrau,ic brakes. I did ok driving them - jumped a curb once making a right and was on the "median" of a roundabout once for about 20' (both on the 27', no other issues). I've had EVOC when I was in the fire service but never drove to a call (Emergency Vehicles Operation Class) that required a practical exam to pass.

Right now we have one working car, with a car at the old house that has been off the road for a few years. One of my hobbies is woodworking and neither of these vehicles can haul sheet goods.

Right now my wife works 45 minutes away and I'm the stay at home dad. I try to drive the speed limit and generally don't let the folks behind me dictate my driving and I've made 2 - 4 second follow distance a habit.

I'm kicking around getting a modest (around 14') box truck and a flatbed trailer to tox the other car here, haul a couple yards of gravel for a driveway, go on lumber / tool runs, and take my daughter places (once or twice a week) until I get the other car back on the road. I might try picking up some odd hauling gigs.

Is this a silly idea?

We are two adults and one child the size of a small woman. Would we be able to camp in the box?

How safe are lap seat belts?

How do these trucks handle in snow?

Right now I'm looking into a '91 or 92 Nissan UD. Anything I should know about these?

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