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My 05 Silverado seems to run comfortably @181f as indicated on my edge tuner outside temp 70f no load.
Small hill temp quickely rises to 198f. More concerning is the trans temp pre hill 160f, then very quickely rises to 220f per dash gage.
This past winter with a plow on -2f outside I could not drive more than 5 miles without having to pull over to let the temp cool.
The truck only has 35k miles on it and i just use it to drive to work and for projects around the house, if i bought this truck to work and make a living with i would not be very happy!
Ive modified the air box to let in more air and built an air dam around it which helped with intake temp but not coolant temp. Modified cat to help it breath better , which definatelly help overall performance but did little to help cooling.Fan works.
How hot is to hot?
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