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I've done all the things you have done in the past with the same results. Recently I had a what I call a (God inspired thought). I decided to change the routing of the 3/8" hoses connected to the coolant filter. Most of us have installed this at some point in an attempt to keep debris out of the oil cooler. I installed a coolant filter a couple yrs back the way everyone including the manufacture say to do it. Cut into the heater hose, add tee and also the overflow hose from degas to the radiator with a tee, etc...
What I did different which worked is reinstalled all coolant hoses back to the original way they were before I added the coolant filter. That includes removing the tee I installed at the heater control valve. EVERYTHING back to the way it was new.
THIS FIXED THE PUKING PROBLEM. My EOT and ECT temps stay within 3 to 6 degrees

Try this... Run one side of the coolant filter 3/8" line to the left side of the degas bottle and the other to the fitting on top of the engine block. I believe some vehicles use this line to cool the turbo but the 2003 tp 2007 do not use this to cool the turbo, that's the reason it is connected to the degas bottle just as the overflow 3/8" line connects to the radiator.
THIS FIXED MY PUKING PROBLEM COMPLETELY. A SIMPLE FIX WHICH I AM SURE MANY HAVE NOT CONSIDERED. I HAVENT SEEN OR HEARD OF ANYONE MENTIONING THIS ON THE ENTERNET. I hope this will help someone who is considering replacing the Head Gaskets. Save yourself $4000.00-$5000.00 and try this first. It will work if you've already done the ARP head studs and head gaskets...
Your welcome my 6.0 friends:)
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