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Choke_On_My_Smoke said:
Thank you guys! Just trying to help out as alot of people are running into walls and getting frustrated and tossing out the 6.0L, This motor has SO MUCH potential, that I ran my times, with bolt on items. stock block, stock heads, stock turbo. Tell me what other motor that can do that?

Mods go as follow:
H11 metal grade Head Stud Kit
Custom Metal Head Gaskets
Eliminated EGR system
Custom Intercooler & Piping
High Flow Injectors
Custom Tuned Box stacked with a PDQ Fuel Volumizer
Upgraded Tranny Kit
NOS Wet System
4" downpipe w/ 4" exhaust NO muffler NO Kitty
Custom Airaid intake
Few Mods to the Stock Turbo :Thumbup:

All in All I have about $4500-$5000 invested TOPS!
Now compare the simple bolt-ons and the cheap price it took me to get those time slips, compared to other motors. I guess we still dont want to beleive the 6.0's potential!

your shooting a wet shot as in diesel into the intake with the nos,if so what psi is the diesel shot into the system at...seems like a good way to pop those pop rods..i had an 04 good truck,with an ats and several different chip combos,with a dry shot i was low to mid 500s and ran 12.8s on the strip...good post and info,dont exactly agree with every thing you said,the coolant deal is beacause the bottom of the egr is actually melting off and air can then get introduced into the coolant system,by fabricating a better bottom for the egr cooler these situation can be all together eliminated
1 - 1 of 40 Posts