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The ford way:
The question of how to remove the air filter on 6.0L Diesel equipped trucks is still frequently asked. Instead of continuing to reply to e-mails and forum posts, we finally decided it was time to show you how. The procedure is very simple and it involves removing the filter element, the front and rear covers as an assembly completely from the truck. Trust us, you will like this. Replacing the filter element is much easier when you can do it on a workbench instead of fighting the clips and retainers in the tight confines of the engine compartment.

Open the hood and perform
these four simple steps:

1. Loosen the inlet hose clamp
but do not remove it.

2. Remove the radiator de-gas hose then cap, plug or crimp
it and set aside.

3. Disconnect the MAF or IAT sensor. (as equipped) The harness may also be clipped
to the filter cover.

4. Remove the Filter Minder®
from the filter cover.

Grab the air tube and remove it from the turbo inlet tube with the loose clamp. You will need to firmly pull up to release the two retainers under the housing from their rubber grommets. Now with the assembly free, slightly rotate it clock-wise while lifting up on the back end.

Rotating the assembly will allow it to clear the coolant bottle but it will be tight. Once clear, it lifts straight up and out. Installing it is as simple as reversing this procedure. Lubricating the rubber retaining grommets under the housing before assembly will make the installation easier.

Tech Tip:
Applying a light film of silicone grease or silicone spray lubricant to the rubber seals and the mating surfaces on the end covers will allow the covers to fully seat and properly seal. The image to the right shows the surfaces to be lubricated. This will also help reduce the amount of distortion to the covers although some distortion is normal. In some cases the distortion of the rear cover may exceed the limit of the seal. Inspect the outlet tube to evidence of moisture or water entry that might indicate a poor seal. Replace the cover if necessary or long term turbocharger and engine damage will result. Such damage is NOT covered by the diesel engine warranty.

This article is only to provide information. It is hoped that helps technicians in identifying possible causes and assist in the quick diagnosis of the identified concern. This is not intended to replace any official instructions, authorization or documentation of any Ford Motor Company Engineers, service manual, TSB, Service Message or recall.


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