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Guys This is my baby and I have had the truck for 4 years now. I spent over 25K In lifting this Beast and a buddy of mine and myself did all the labor. It is a 2000 F250 4x4 5:38 Gears front and Rear. High Angle Drive Line Drive Shafts for Front and Rear. The truck has 136K miles on it but only 4500mi of pushing these 49" tires. It has a Edge Evolution and Edge Juice w/ Attidtude adjuster. Also has a banks Transcommand. It has full Hydrolic Steering which I think is the best part about the truck. Navigation & DVD player. Also has a 4 trumpet airhorns. On dry pavement you can turn the wheels back and forth. I took it on a 1400mile trip to Jacksonville TX for a 4 wheeler mud riding event. I was doing 80 pulling a 16' trailer with 2 polarises on it and it did fine. I refuse to take the truck in the mud due to how much I have tied up in the truck. I am looking to try to get $28,000 for it but no reasonable offer will hurt my feelings. I have been debating for a year now, It is sitting in a warehouse with my boat and fourwheeler. I dont drive it due to my new truck altough i loved the fuel milage compared to. It gets 12-14 MPG. Some douche did key the drivers side. Let me know what yall think. Send me a Email @ [email protected]

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