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hydrogen generator fummins

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came across the idea of hydrogen generator from a friend of mine so i started looking to build my own but instead decided to buy one built by some one else to see if it really works.

found a clip on you tube, i am not sure of the claims but i am going to give it a go

here is the one i bought, i am pretty sure i am going to need to increase the volume produced but i am will see what one will do first
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How many miles do you have on your conversion? How is everything working out for you?
I only have about 7500 Because I tore it apart for the suspension and I have been traveling for work, but I really like it, it has been even better after adding the 2010 variable Turbo and a 6.0 banks intercooler, I am thinking the banks IQ will be next and I am thinking that a manual trans is in the future.
Thats awesome. While I do not have a Fummins I have thought more than once about putting a manual trans in mine. As far as the banks IQ does, I am a fan of the analog style of gauges myself.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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