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I'm looking to set up an ignition override on my truck, either making it from scratch using a diagram a fellow sent me, or ordering this product from Able2/Show-Me:

The way it works, from my understanding, is that you flip the switch, and then you can turn the key to OFF and remove it, and the truck stays running. If someone gets inside and presses the brake pedal, the truck shuts off. To deactivate it, you must insert the key, and turn it back to Run.

I've got two questions for people with the Sho-Me product:
1. is the switch that it comes with a momentary switch? Do you just press it once to activate it?

2. where do you have the switch mounted? Out in plain view, or hidden somewhere? Also, where do you have the unit mounted... it would seem you'd want it mounted somewhere mostly out of sight, so somone wouldn't see it and cut the wires going to it or otherwise fiddle with it, right?

Also just looking for anyone's opinions or thoughts on their ignition override setup, how they like it, how easy it was to install, etc.

I'm not looking to get a full-blown alarm system, just a simple ignition override to use when I run into the store for a couple of minutes, or whenever I want to leave it idling while I'm away from the truck, so that I don't have to leave a key in the ignition.

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Sounds like the features of the remote start module from Ford. However with that one it only runs for about 5 min then shuts off. There is some sort of button under the dash, but not sure what its for and the idiot paper(instructions) dont mention it.
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