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Hopefully this will be the last little bit of "housekeeping" from our name change fiasco. As I mentioned in the last announcement, we moved all of Retail operations under our Strictly Diesel division. This will NOT be changing, you will see all of our advertising (web banners, magazines, race sponsorship, etc) promoting this division of our company as it's the one that 99% of our customer (like you) will deal with.

For business structure reasons, we need to keep and rename our Manufacturing/Wholesale division. Going forward, all of our in-house products (like our Fuel Systems) will be manufactured under the DRIVEN DIESEL name. The primary RETAIL sales outlet for these products will be our Strictly Diesel division. They will also be available through our dealer network.

DRIVEN DIESEL will have a simple website with product information about just our in-house products. We know that many of you already have favorite diesel performance shops you deal with, so we will be putting up a list of "Authorized Dealers" on the DRIVEN DIESEL site so that you will know if your regular shop offers our products. We hope to have the website up in the next few weeks. For now, you can see all of our in-house products on our retail site (

Hopefully we're completely "over the hump" and on the backside of this experience. We greatly appreciate all of the support from our customers, THANK YOU to everyone that has offered words of encouragement and continued to do business with has really helped us keep focused on what's important.

If all goes well, future announcements will be about new products, sales, discounts, etc.

Thanks Again!!!
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