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In Marysville CA Need Help and want to Learn

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My name is Derek Beaty just moved to CA and looking for advice and help. I am originally from Florida, joined the Air Force and have recently been stationed at Beale AFB after spending the last 3 years in DC. I love older looking Fords but I love the Cummins engine. I joined the thread to meet people I could get help from and learn from the infinite wisdom that's on here! I drive a 1983 Ford F250 with the big block 460. GAS IS KILLIN ME, and the wife lets me know it all the time.I am wanting to put a 12 valve cummins in it to get better mpg, some more power and reliability. I don't know much about mechanics, I know what I like and know what I want. I want to have a hand in the build of the engine and installation but I am not mechanically inclined enough to do this alone. I need help, and want to know where to start! Thanks ahead of time and God bless ya'll!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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