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I have a intermittent problem with my F250 SD...I am broke right now (almost dead in the water) need my truck to help turn things around any help will be so much appreciated!
Here's the symptoms – The truck will run great then starts running rough w/ no power. When it the problem first started it was only minor and not very often. When it happened I would just restart and it would be good to go for a while, now it is more frequent and the restart doesn't always fix the problem.
Wondering why it starts running rough then just by restarting it runs good again but not every time?
I have changed the fuel filter, air filter, started checking electrical connectors for condition and to make sure they were secured. I did check the connectors in the valve covers to make sure that were in good condition and not loose. Strange thing is that when I completed this on drivers side the problem seemed to disappear but after driving the truck for about 12 miles the problem returned. Now it might go 4 miles but might not even get out of the driveway. CAN CONTAMINATED FUEL DO THIS AND IF SO WHY WOULD RESTARTING HELP SOMETIMES BUT NOT OTHER TIMES?
These are the enhanced codes retrieved.
I do know that P1316 is codes that are stored in the IDM but thought these codes could be retrieved doing KOEO test?
NOTE all codes listed was retrieved w/ Innova 3160 Scan Tool
As mentioned before it is a must that I get this problem fixed and have very little to spend for parts so want to Thank You in advance for your help!
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