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OK to start with please bare with me I am an auto /light truck mechanic but every once in a while I get a customer that brings me some a little bigger because i did such a great job on their car I should be able to fix their truck because it's all the same :bang

OK so what I got is a 1999 international 4700 dt466 28ft box truck.

Customer said for the last two weeks in the morning it would start run for a couple mins and die out then truck could be restarted and would run rough for a few mins clear out and and be fine for the rest of the day. Until this morning it started died out and would not restart.

I arrived opened the hood and the solenoid for the IPR was dangling from the wire and banged all to hell. Replaced the IPR and verified I had battery voltage available at the connection, plugged it back in and still crank no start.

Pushed in the diag button and only have 111 present

I have 45psi fuel pressure on the low side

Not getting any type of smoke out of the exhaust while cranking

If dash gauge can be believed it is making oil pressure during cranking.

The hpop on this is pretty different than the ones I've worked with on some older Duramax.

I'm guessing the braided stainless line that runs to the injector rail is the output for the pump. I hooked my 5000psi gauge to it and had 0 psi during cranking. I unplugged the injection pressure sensor(I read somewhere that would make the hpop default to 400psi) and still have 0 psi during cranking.

Anything else I should verify before replacing the hpop?

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Search for my thread on DT466 Huei troubleshooting, here or on Heavy Truck Forums (easier to find there)
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