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I have a really nice dt360 and Allison transmission. This is heavy duty stuff!!! I am currently restoring a fire truck and the district I bought it from, had purchased this motor and tranny to go inside the truck... Well it didn't fit and they got tired of dumping money in the engine(they paid $4500 for the new motor and tranny) oops.

The motor came out of a low mileage 1993 school bus, it had less then 80,000 miles. The best part about it was the bus was taken out of service not because of age or use, but it had been side swiped. It was then stored inside, and since I've had it I also stored it inside.

Specs DT360
180 hp easily tuned to big HP, and for some bucks it'll turn 1000+ HP!
Inline mechanical fuel pump
T-4 turbo
New alternator
New starter
Remote mount coolant filter
Sleeved cylinders (not your typical throw away motor) plus this means an in-frame rebuild is possible

Allison 545
Clean tranny
Remote mount ATF filter
22,000+ GVWR (tough trans)

This is a complete frame section with EVERYTHING you need!
The radiator, steering box, leaf spring, frame section, wiring... It's all here.

They Dept was able to run and drive the bus prior to the drive train getting pulled. They said it started and ran great.

This is the engine that is prefect for a ford guy who wants to stay ford, yet do something really cool. You can look on the web and there are tons of people putting these into f-250 f-350, dodge & chevy.

I will ship it, no problem! But I won't give shipping quotes... I have no clue were to even start looking. Heres my zip 94903, I live close to Oakland and San Francisco.

I would like $2500 for all of it, if not $2000 for the motor and $550 for the Allison.

Thank you- Dan four one five 370-1447
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