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I don’t know what to expect from my setup. I have ATS factory turbo but not install on top of the engine. It is under the bus with the two exhausts pipe from the manifolds running into it. And I have just a short 4” pipe on the output of the turbo at this time.

The intake is is 4” to the turbo and 3” boost piping to a 12x31x3 intercooler.

I started it up today setting in the garage with it running I could see the turbo turning but there was not much wine from the turbo.

I was expecting setting in the garage 300*+ on the pyrometer but it was 200* and some pressure on the boost gauge I had 0 but got a rise of 1 when I reb it up and let off and at that point I’ll get 1PSI.

Is this right or not? The boost is what I'm questioning the most.
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