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I've got a 2003 6.0 it will start up and runs ,about 30 seconds later it cuts off. The fuel pressure is 55 psi both filters are new can anyone help me?
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You need to be able to get codes and monitor the system when there is a problem.
EVERY 6.0L owner needs a good scan tool and needs to monitor their engine vitals.
I suggest downloading ForScan (full version for a laptop) OR ForScan Lite (for a smartphone) ..... and using the OBDLink MX+ or the BAFX brand adapter for troubleshooting 6.0L engine problems. The smartphone downloads are $6 or so. The full version download is free. The full version offers testing functions not available in the Lite version.​
As stated above, the PC version (full version) of ForScan is the most powerful and does the injector "click test" among other tests, like commanding the VGT actuator. With the full version (PC version), you do not need the license for troubleshooting - only for advanced programming (which is not necessary).​
ForScan is a simple download on your PC, you can get it in just a few minutes. The "lite" version is available on the app stores for your phone or tablet device. There is a "demo" in the app options, so you can use the app without being connected, to get familiar with the screens.​
The BAFX adapter is the least expensive ($35 or so) and a reliable adapter -- compare it to the MX+, which is smaller, faster and more features (around $140).​
When purchasing BAFX adapters (do not use their software, if they come with it).​
* WiFi for iOs​
* BlueTooth for Android​
ForScan Home:​
Download ForScan:​
For the Windows laptop, you should buy the OBDII to USB adapter (OBDLink EX):​
OBDLink MX+ for iOS, OR for Android:​
BAFX WiFi for iOS:​
or (VGate VLinker FD+ for iOS):​
BAFX Bluetooth for Android:​
or (VGate VLinker FD for Android):​
Torque Pro would be good for everyday use with an old phone or tablet -- can be mounted on the dash. Wiith Torque Pro, you also need an OBDII adapter.​
Scan Gauge is small and simple -- can be mounted in front of the instrument cluster. Scangauge is a POOR code reader, troubleshooting requires a GOOD code reader!!!​
There are other monitor solutions, but the price goes higher (Edge is one - but it still has some quirks). It should be noted that the more expensive options do NOT scan codes any better than ForScan, and they are not able to perform any more diagnostic tests than ForScan (if as many).​
Scan for codes and post ALL code numbers
Cranking data, when it will not start, is very helpful:​
rpm (cranking)​
Cam/Crank Sync​
FICM Sync​
FICM MPower​
FICM LPower​
Fuel Pulse Width​
ICP sensor volts​
ICP pressure​
IPR % Duty Cycle​
v-reference voltage​

Also - read the link below:
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Typical thread these days unfortunately ..........
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