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NADM is proud to announce for the first time July 18, 2009 at the Numidia Dragway in Numidia PA the A&A/Keystone East Coast Nationals!

A&A Auto Stores along with their parent company Keystone Automotive is hosting NADM's East Coast National with all classes for D-Tech Drag Racing, Sled Pulling and Dyno on July 18th.

This event will take over the mountain top where Numidia sits (beautiful view), Numidia Dragway is newly remodeled 1/4 mile track with modern fiber optic electronics, huge pit area for trailers/campers, large vendor midway with A&A Auto store tents and may different Keystone vendors along with NADM's sponsor vendors. Large area for Sled Pulling and sled pull pit area along with DPM's Dyno being on the grounds!

$30,000 Cash in Purses & Give-aways for participants and attendees(fans)!

Test and Tunes start Friday night with the event gates opening at 8AM Saturday! We run till we are done!

Hushpower's monster truck will be there crushing and running along with a few more surprises!

This event will be televised along with streaming video live on the internet!



Drag Race payouts have a NE twist to them.

Pro Street, normal payout of $2000, $1000, $500, $500 PLUS $375 to the quickest 8 trucks that can break the beams in first round eliminations.

DP Tuner Quick Diesel, normal payout of $1000, $500, $250, $250 PLUS $200 to the 12 trucks closest to index that make first round eliminations.


Open at 8:00 am, racing starts at 9:00, WS sled pulling qualifications start at approx 1:00 pm, possibly followed by 2.6 quals if needed. SS, Mod, 2.8, 2.6 follow racing finals, approx 4:00 pm.

Spectators, racers, all semis, Main Gate, gate one, paved entrance, turn left off rt 42, at racetrack sign, onto DRAGSTRIP road.

This gate takes you into in the racer pit and parking area.

Pullers with small trailers who are not afraid of a narrow road, veer right at the last Catawissa,light, and follow rt 42 out of Catawisssa. Approx 4 miles down, turn left onto Ideal Park road, proceed about 1/4 mile turn right onto Slabtown road, proceed a few feet to the stop sign, continue straight onto Quaker House meeting road.

Approx 1 mile, turn right on Dragstrip Road, that will take you into the back gate, which is the pulling pits. Pulling vehicles only through that gate, unpaved entrance.

Sled Pulling Purses:

Modified Diesel
1. $2000 2. $1000 3.$ 750 4.$500 5.$200

Super Street
1.$1500 2.$800 3.$500 4.$300 5.$200 6.$100 7.$100 8.$75

2.8 Street Diesel
1.$1000 2.$600 3.$400 4.$200 5.$100 6.$100 7.$75 8.$50

2.6 Street Diesel
1.$800 2.$600 3.$400 4.$200 5.$100 6.$75 7.$75 8.$50

Work Stock Street Diesel
1.$300 2.$200 3.$100 4.$75 5.$50
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