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Official thread, but late.

First annual Greg VanHouten Memorial Pull. Greg was a staple in MI pulling for many years lending his voice and enthusiam as announcer for many MI pulls, including NTPA events. He unexpectedly passed this spring. The Kent City event has been going on for a few years and Greg has always been the driving force behind it. It is now being held in his memory.

Full host of classes to be held, from antiques to semi's.

Diesel Trucks using MTTP rules which can be found at

More info can be found at

Hot Diesel class features a $1500.00 purse

Pull address

90 Spring St
Kent City, MI

Starts at 12 Noon, Trucks should be signed in by no later then 2:00 PM.

The flyer is more for information only. The Diesel classes are as follows-

Stock Diesel - stock unmodded turbo, single pump. Traction bars NOT allowed

Street Diesel- Stock appearing Turbo, single pump, no hanging weights

2.6 Diesel - 2.6 Turbo, dual pumps ok, hanging weight ok.

Hot Diesel - Unlimited turbo - OEM driveline. 1500.00 Purse. Drawbar hitch allowed


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