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LB7 Turbo on an LLY

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Thanks Idahofox and Rick for the info on the LB7 turbo on the LLY.

LB7 on LLY This is the kind of thing we should be talking about.
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Fingers said:
The comp cam is much more agressive. Look how quickly it is opening/closing the valves compared to OEM. The area under the curves is roughly proportional to the window where gases can cross over. This graph is of the Exhaust-Intake transition near TDC, so the relative pressures are almost exactly backpressure Vs Boost.

I assume with the level of tech in these engines we have roller lifters? That improved crossover looks great, do we need the extra lift? Any opinions on detriment vs. benefit? Will the rockers handle this well? One of my previous engines was limited to .500 lift, there was some perf. beyond that, however the valve train components didnt handle it well.
Diesel Tech said:
Now Jon don't be giving away all the trade secrets. This camshaft design has close to the same total lift as a stock camshaft and it is the smallest of the cams we designed with Comp Cams for the Duramax. We do not offer this cam in our camshaft line as it's basically a stock replacement part with just a little more punch. The camshafts we do offer are more for the guy who want's to hotrod and they are exclusive to TTS and come with our EDM Keyway drive which is another feature not offered by Comp Cams. How the air starts to move once the valve opens and what it does during crossover play a big roll into emissions tuning.
Do you suppose the typical dealer shop would recognize the differance of this "replacement" cam? If it isnt available in your catalog how would someone get this cam? The exhaust lift appears to be a little different from stock.
Sorry to get off topic, however with all the other mods for the Dmax, I hadnt looked at cams. You guys have now deviated my plans. One more hijack, after the valve train what is my next RPM limiter?
Lets do it. I am in for a run to J/Ks. Come up with a wish list and lets see if we can fill it.

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