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LMM Edge CTS Dyno Results

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We had another Dyno Day in Hennessey, OK. We were on a Mustang Dynamometer.

Slick put down 482HP and 838LB-FT with the Edge CTS on Level 5. I didn't go any higher than that. My daily driving tune is Level 3 which resulted in 425HP and 757LB-FT.

I would like to thank D&G and Smokin' Okie (04cumminsram) for putting on the event. I would also like to say it was great seeing so many people turn-out for this one.
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Nice numbers.

I knew the level 3 was decent, didn't think it would put down over 400 actual RWHP though....

Looks good!
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Gonna want a trans go jr at minimum if you want to turn up to level 4 more often....
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Too bad you didn't crank it to level 7 for just one run. It would have been interesting to see if you could have cracked 500 RWHP with just the tuner....
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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