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I bought an '02 F250 with a Sterling 10.5" rear axle, and the pinion shaft/gear is sloppy, the oil is low and has a lot of metal in it. I was looking/calling around for rear end rebuild kits. NAPA wants $270 for a master rebuild, and I came across some on line for $150 ish.

I want to buy the adjustable shims I really like them. I am also looking for bearing/race part #'s for 10.5 rear, because there is a local bearing supplier (Bay State Bearing) that I can buy bearing for a fraction of the cost of NAPA, but I can't find any old 10.5" carrier or pinion parts. Iwant to buy all the bearings, races, ect before I take it apart.

any suggestion on cheap rebuild kits?

Are the 10.25 and 10.5 have the same bearings and races, ect?
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