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I was referred from my previous thread to here, and I am already excited. Okay so I drive an early 1999 Ford F250 7.3L Powerstroke everything is stock except that I have a 3" add a leaf on it, 35"s, and both ranch end bumpers. I am very interested in getting first gauges, exhaust, and intake, and then very excited about ordering a DP tuner once those are installed. I was interested in maybe a package that could be set up or maybe just to work with someone from the amazing community that this website offers. Thank you so much in advance and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

PS. I am not loaded :shrug: haha just clarifying, and as far as gauges, exhaust, and intake I should probably go into a little depth. I have been looking at these two gauges kits, and I am interested in them as of now unless I can find a much better deal on these or something similar, but I am still entirely open minded. Deal 1 Deal 2

Second on intake I have been most swayed toward a tymar air filter for their price and great reviews, but I am still entirely open with this option as well.

And last on exhaust I have only looked at MBRP so far, and am looking for a something in the price range of their XP series. Best deal I have found so far is from Laguna Speed Shop which sells the system I want with a free tip Link.

Again thanks so much in advance!
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