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1-set valve covers with gaskets and wireing
1-set of SD Up-pipes
1-EBPV turbo pedistal leaks oil somewhere it wasnt mine so I dont know where it leaks at was just told that it leaks
1-set of stock racker arms and push rods they arent bent
1-set early 99 intake manifolds
1-set early 99 up-pipes
Factory front hangers
early 99 core turbo compressor wheel is dusted but houseings are both good
SD intercooler pipes drivers side still has foil on it
early 99 Y pipe
factory tow hooks
HPOP resivoir and HPOP gear
Front cover
Core set of heads
Core engine with some parts on it let me know what you need and Ill see if i got it.

Make offer on all parts.
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