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Got a 4 wheel drive truck? You have a transfer case that needs to be maintained just like the rest of your vehicle. Its easy to overlook the transfer case as it does not have a gauge on the dash, a dipstick under the hood to look at and it will usually continue working even if it has no fluid in it. When that problem arises, the damage is already done usually. Make sure you check the transfer case oil regularly as part of your normal maintenance routine.

When it comes time to changing it, what do you use? We are happy to finally have an oil developed specifically for use in transfer cases! If you drive any 4 wheel drive vehicle that needs oil in the transfer case, this is what you need. Not only will it help lubricate the internal components, in most cases, it will eliminate annoying driveline clunk caused from the driveshaft slip yoke sticking on the splines.

Does your truck have a Auto-Trak transfer case with the Auto 4x4 feature found in many GM half ton trucks? This oil will work perfectly for you as well. No more clutch chatter when turning tight in parking lot maneuvers. Smoother engagement of the clutches and of course it will run cooler too.

Drive a Ford or Dodge truck? This oil will work perfectly for you as well. Works in ALL domestic transfer cases. Since nearly every transfer case has a 2 quart capacity, We've bottled it that way for you. One bottle, filled to factory fill spec. No reason to overfill the case causing potential fluid foaming, fluid out the vent or seal damage.
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