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1992 Mack CH-612 dump.
E7 300 with Road Ranger kit.
I think the trans is a RTX14609A but the tag is rusted off.
It has about 1,200,000 miles on it but the motor oil is always like honey and the engine ran really well. Probably had couple in-frames by now.

I've owned this truck since '08 and drove it since '03.
I saved it from going to auction when the company I worked for went belly up.

It was a fleet tractor that Atkinson Truck Sales cut the 5th wheel off and installed a new hoist and dump body on.

I broke a shifter fork and parked the truck in my shop on a lift until 2 weeks ago.
Now I need my truck and she won't start.
I used to start it periodically but something happened. I think mice.

Anyway, I'd like to get this truck back up and working by next spring. Step one is to figure out why no fuel is getting to the injectors.
I have fuel to the pump and the computer seems to be proving out fine.
I can't get any codes out of it and it seems to act normal like it always did.

If anyone wants to take a stab at it I can do the checks and report back.
I'm not in a rush, obviously, so....this should be relaxing and fun! :smile2:

Oh also; the truck is still plumbed like a tractor so the back brakes are in bobtail mode! Took me years to figure that one out! :serious: I have glad hands with plugs that I used to put on when I wasn't pulling my 20 ton Eager Beaver.
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