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JUNE 27th

Classes and Rules

Small Block Street Stock
· No traction bars, blocks, or air bags allowed.
· No weights allowed.
· Gasoline only.

Big Block Street Stock:
· No traction bars, blocks, or air bags allowed.
· No weights allowed.
· Gasoline only.

Classic Stock Diesel:
· 89-98 Dodge (Cummins 12 Valve).
· 98 and older Ford (pre Superduty).
· 2000 and older GMC/Chevy (pre Duramax).
· Must be stock. (no excessive smoke violators will be disqualified).
· No traction bars, blocks, or air bags allowed.
· Diesel fuel only.
· Swapped motors in different year trucks must be one of the above engines to pull in this class.

Stock Diesel:
· No chips, tuners, programmers, exc allowed.
· No traction bars, blocks, or air bags allowed.
· No weights allowed.
· Diesel fuel only.

Altered Street Gas Or Diesel:
· No traction bars, blocks, or air bags allowed.
· Chips, tuners, and programmers are allowed.
· Diesel trucks must have a stock turbo.
· No weights allowed.
· Gas or diesel fuel only.

Open Class:
· Gas or diesel allowed.
· Nos, propane, water injection, exc. allowed.
· Traction bars, blocks, and weights allowed.
· 8,000 pound weight limit.
· Safety equipment strongly recommended.
· If you bring a trailer, it cannot be parked on Fireman’s Park grounds.

1. Contestants must be 18 years of age, or have parental permission.
2. Classes may change at judge’s discretion and may NOT run in order!
3. Maximum of 26 inch hitch height
4. Anything that falls off before truck is unhooked from sled could cause a disqualification.
5. Any truck violating the boundary of track will be measured at that point.
6. Driver must remain seat belted with one hand on the steering wheel at all times.
7. All trucks shall be out of gear for hooking and unhooking.
8. First pull will have the option to keep the first pull or drop back to last position.
9. Drivers will be allowed two starts if stopped before the 75 feet mark.
10. The pull will start with a tight hook-up!! NO JERK!
11. All trucks must be street legal other than those in the open class.
12. All trucks must be insured and be prepared to show proof of insurance.
13. Any truck found to be unsafe may be disqualified before, during, or after the pull.
14. No refund of entry fees due to truck disqualifications.
15. All decisions by the judges are final.
16. All decisions made during drivers meeting take precedence over written rules.
17. Drivers meeting will be held at 3:50 p.m. at the announcers stand.
18. Two hook maximum per truck
19. No trailers allowed to be parked on fireman’s park grounds.

Starts at 4pm SHARP!

100% payout!!!
“Lets see what you got”
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