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The Mason-Dixon TDC would like to welcome all members here to our annual Spring Dyno Event/BBQ.This years event will be a 2 day event so we can try and get everyone who desires to dyno onto the "Humbler" and shake off their winter cobwebs.So Here is the info of what,where and when...

What-"2013 Spring Fling"

Time... Start rolling @ 9a.m. till ? with lunch around 12:00 each day

Where..Dave Guy Racing
901 Range End Road
Dillsburg,PA 17019

Cost...$75 for 3 spins with HP/TQ readings

When...Saturday March 23rd & Sunday March 24th

The only rules we will have is stack owners will have to drop their flex pipes or allow us to slide the exhaust tubes down over the stacks and dually owners must remove the outside wheels to help keep the show rolling.Also for the dually owners if you would prefer to dyno with a set of 2500 wheels(singles) some of the guys may be able to bring their extras for you to borrow.Tools will be provided to help and other members will be able to help you if needed.Those who desire to do some BOMBing work may use the shop,but,please all we ask is you clean up after yourself and then dyno during the weekends event at some time.We also would like those who attend to please place their trash into the trash bins and not leave it lay all over the upper field.Also we would like those in attendance to not deliberately tear up the grassy field if we receive any bad weather.

Please remember to bring something to share for eats, we have a very large grille and can grille up anything. Sodas, chips, covered dishes anything that you can bring please do.

Also Note.....
Curtis Rice Bracket Shoot-Out....
-On your T-Time card,on the back,you willl write down your best guess at what HP you will make.
-When you get in the dyno bay you pay the fee to dyno($75)and a extra $5 to participate in the shoot-out.
-The closest owner to their HP guess will be the winner and there will be a runner-up also.
-Plaques will be given to both the Winner and Runner-up.
-ALL money collected for the Shoot-Out will be donated to Denton Rice College Fund.
-In the event of a tie,we will use the torque number to break the tie.

Gang,this is for a good cause and for someone who we all really liked and has done so much for the diesel motorsports community.We will also have a place for those who wish to donate to the cause if they do not dyno that weekend.

So with going back to early Spring we hope we can shake the cobwebs loose early and have a great time.Look forward to seeing everyone there...Keith

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I would like to thank those tat attended the event.

If ANYONE knows Robert Meeks(I believe I got the spelling correct),it was a Black 2008 Ford with temps tags on it, would they please inform him before he participates in one of our coming events he HAS to have a chat with a M-D TDC Club Officer about his antics in the middle of a very busy US Rte 15 today. What he did Saturday was a classless act of stupidity and it reflected poorly upon our club and the DGR Racing shop. NO ONE NEEDS TO BE DOING DONUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF A US Rte WITH HEAVY TRAFFIC WHICH HAD TO STOP BECAUSE OF HIS BS. The DGR Racing shop and The M-D TDC have a very good working relationship with the local LEO's and we certainly do need any issues like that which could either shutdown our shows or possible not allow us to have anymore. Your incident today was an uncalled for act of stupidity and was performed without thinking about those who still wanted to compete at our show. This show was not all about you, even though you vainly tried to make it that way, and you almost ruined it for those who were still enjoying the show. So Thanks for almost taking away something Andy and a few others started many years ago and myself and other the current officers worked hard to create for this year.
Rant over
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