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Massachusetts Truck Pullers Association pull dates

June 10 Charter Days, Granby Mass. 6:00pm to finish

June 18 & 19 Goshen Stampede, Goshen Conn.
Saturday 12:00pm to finish
Sunday 10:00am to 3:00pm

June 30 McCray's Farm, S. Haldey Mass.
(Rain date Sunday June 31)
Saturday 12:00pm to finish

August 19 Westfield Fair
Friday 6:00pm to finish

August 23 Cummington Fair
Friday 6:30pm to finish

September 2 Blandford Fair
Friday 7:00pm to finish

September 3 Three County Fair (Northampton)
Saturday 4:00pm to finish

September 4 McCray's Truck Fest
Sunday 1:00pm to finish

September 5 McCray's Fun Day
Monday 12:00pm to finish

September 9 Greenfield Fair
Friday 6:30pm to finish

go to for more details
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