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Hi All,
Sorry for this being so late.I think the original post was lost when our server crashed.



Darius Warne-2004 Dmax-469.2-981.4
Kieven Codd-2001 Dmax-483.7-968.2
Pete Ballotta-2006 Dmax-509.1-986.7
Tom Bacon-2003 Dmax-498.1-931.2
Todd Greene-2004 Dmax-456.6-918.4
Ron Bacon-2006 Dmax-349.1-667.7
Dan Lesley-1997 F350-333.4-609.
Steve Phillips-2002 Dmax-652.2-1179.5
Keith Bachlere-200 Dmax-1036.-1500.+
Bill Watson-1995 Dodge-446.-942.
Pete Teller-2001 Dmax-470.1-918.5 Fuel-578.-1050.5 Nos
Troy Koziby-2001 Dmax-537.7-1034.1
Al Casltin-2002 Dmax-346.4-678.9
Adam Cornell- 12valve F350-477.6-965.2 Fuel-661.4-1400.1 Nos
Blake Trutsch-Dmax ?-487.1-938.1
Darrin Tosh-1989 F350-205.5-362.6
Art Skinner-F150-481.-481.5
Steve Clevenger-2001 dodge-428.1-845.1
Bill Stanczyik-2007 Dmax-300.4-527.5
Vasile Stoja-2002 Dmax-399.5-718.9
Ezi Bita-1996 Dodge-352.8-773.1
Ross Haverzink-2000 F250
Joel Mickle-2005 Dmax-355.5-678.6
Eric Merchant-2003 Dmax-805.2-1203.8
Matt Beach1995 Dodge-388.8-801.1

Sorry if anyone was left off or i mis-spelled your name.let me know if i need to correct.

Test Results are the property of Diesel performance Motorsports and may not be reproduced
without permission.
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