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I sold my '03 and have the upgrade parts off of it for sale.

I have the '08 Tow mirrors that are power, heated with signals. They have the Recon smoke LED's in them. There is a small scuff from where a Dodge owner with their mirrors flipped up swiped me. Its small and hardly noticable. They are not power extend. $700obo plus shipping.

I also have the amber lights that came out of them if anyone is interested. Make offer on these.

Have a set of '05 headlights. They have the Silverstar turn signal bulbs, with adapter pigtails to retro fit. The passenger side light has a fogged spot where someone spilled some kind of solvent on it. Not to bad. The lower left mounting hole is broke but would still hold fine with the other 3. Would like to get $150obo plus shipping for both. I have the '03 headerpanel available if interested. Its already modified for the '05 lights. Local pickup only on it.

Ford AIS severe duty airfilter $150obo. The filter was replaced 10k miles ago. No fenderwell cutout. Have everything that came with it. No temp or flow sensor.

Edge EVO2 programmer. '99-'03 Have the dash pod, but no pyro sensor or cable. It stayed on the truck. I had quit using the programs and was just using gauges. It still worked fine though. The dash pod is the brownish color that it came in. I never painted it to match. Make reasonable offer.

Aftermarket plastic billet style grille. In great shape. Chrome is fine. Its the whole grille, not a overlay of the factory. Would prefer local pickup. $60

Headlights and mirrors are factory ford, no aftermarket.

Local pickup for items is Lynchburg, VA area. Would be willing to drive a short distance to meet. Discounts for multiple items purchased. Please PM me if interested.

Also have the stock convertor off the truck. Make offer if interested.

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Whoops, posted before I saw the sold post.

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