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We got a shipment of Stack Beanies in last week and now have all 4 sizes of Miter Cut and Straight Cut Beanies available.

Prices have changed a little now and include shipping to the lower 48 States.

5" & 6" in all styles are $45.00 per set or $25.00 for a single.

7" & 8" in all styles are $55.00 per set or $35.00 for a single.

We also have custom embroidery available upon request for a an additional fee.

We have been selling these for well over a year maybe close to two years now and our customers have loved them.

The main question we get asked all the time is if you can put them on hot stacks. To be honest I guess it would depend on what you consider hot??

From my experiance some stacks get hotter than others do depending on the diameter. I think as long as you can put your hand flat on the stack for 3-5 seconds then you would be fine but I have not ever tested them to see just how much heat they can handle. But I have put them on my hood stacks on my pulling truck within a minute after shutting it down and you know they had to be pretty warm.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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