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Mitsubishi 6ds7 Info

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Howdy Folks, Does Anyone Have Any Experience With A Mitsubishi 6ds7 ? The Motor I Have Is 334 Cubes And Has A #3 Sae Bellhousing With A Stick Flywheel, Is Non Turbo, And Practically Brand New. I Don"t Know The Hp. I Think It Says 96ps On It Somewhere, Anyone Know What This Means? Also Anyone Have A #3 Sae Clutch Housing To Fit A Medium Duty Ford Trans, Like A Clark 5 Speed Or Similar? Thanks, Curious.
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Engine is 331 or 5.5L with 135HP at 3100RPM and weighs 940lbs. Can be turboed at 15 PSI to give about 155HP. Have seen several conversions done in mid. 80's Ford and Chevy 3/4 ton pickups with very good results. Economy is good due to 19:1 compression ratio. Have fun.
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Dave, thanks for the reply,I'm not sure if the governor is right for highway use.An old timer diesel guy locally told me I may have to change it to use it on road. I don't know to much about injection pumps and governors. Does anyone here have experience modifying governors? Also I'm not having very good luck finding a #3 clutch housing locally,any ideas where to find them would be very helpful. Also dave, you nailed that 940 lb wt, I weighed it in at just about the same. Also do you remember any specifics about performance,mileage,etc,from the conversions you saw? Thanks again for the info,curious.
All diesels have govornors, the only question is at what RPM is it govornored at?

With the proper gearing, any diesel will work as a conversion power plant. There are even gassers that run at 1600 RPM down the highway at 60, and diesels that will run 3000 RPM at 60 MPH.
Thanks John G.the Fellow Told Me There Are Three Types Of Governors,the First Type Would Be For Something Like An Irrigation Pump Or Similar, Runs All Day Same Low Speed, Never Changes, Just Keeps The Water Moving, Doesn't Really Even Have A Throttle Per Say.the Second Type Would Be Used For Something Like A Farm Tractor Or Piece Of Heavy Equipment, Can Be Throttled, But Always Tries To Stay At The Rpm You Set It For. The Third Type He Said Would Be Only For On Highway Use, Constantly Throttled But Governed For Top Rpm Only.this Guy Was In His 70"s,had An Unreal Shop And Was In The Diesel Industry A Very Long Time. I Guess I Should Take The Pump Up To Him To Look At,then I'll Know What I Have.
The engine was in a mid-80's Ford 3/4 ton and got 25-28mpg with five spd trans with OD. These engines usually came with five spd trans attached. Look at your local heavy truck wrecking yard for #3 bellhousing and trans. They are are usually helpful to find what you need. As for the governor I have a Ford tractor 242 cu. in. diesel inline 6 in a 82 full size Jimmy 2wd. The tractor governor has worked fine for nine years now. You simply push the pedal until you reach speed you want and hold it there as per normal. When you come to a hill the governor simply starts to add more fuel for more power. It does it so gently it acts as a cruise control of sorts. When you start to lose speed you simply push a little harder to keep up the speed. Works just fine.
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You got some good info on govornors, that IS pretty much what there are for options.

One thing I would add is that EVERY diesel has a peak engine RPM govornor, so you get that wether you want it or not. That leaves the other two options as add-ons. The "automotive" style Gov will not keep engine RPM as load changes but is infinately variable. The "Industrial" type WILL keep RPM steady over variable loads, but over a much smaller RPM range.
Mitsubishi 6DS70

I have the 6DS70 in a 74 International 3/4 ton pickup. The engine that I have is the "P" version, is yellow and stands for power unit. There were also marine versions (normally blue) and automotive versions (normally a tan color and having the variable speed governor). The engine that I have is also equipped with the min/max style governor on the pump. This allows for excellent maintenence of RPM at highway speeds but also results in loping at lower rpms. My engine is mated to an NP540 5-speed direct transmission from a chevy 2-ton and has a spicer 61 rear end with 3.07 gears out of a ford van. The engine came naturally aspirated from the factory but now is equipped with a Garret T04 turbo like what is found on an IH 1206 or Allis XT190 tractor. I had an external fuel adjustment screw installed on the inline nippondenso (Bosch A-series) pump. At present it build about 15 pounds of boost under load at high rpm. I had the pump rpm increased to the rated limit of 3150. Normal mileage is in the 16mpg range. My best was cruising across Illinois and Indiana at about 60mph where it got 19.5. The truck weighs 6500lbs with full tanks of fuel. The engine is difficult to find parts for and is expensive when you do. I order parts from John E. McAuslin Inc out of Florida or Blue Ridge Marine out of Washington State. Some gaskets are available at Mitubishi trucks dealers but you have to get ahold of the right guy who is willing to dig a little. Be sure you provide adequate cooling for the engine since it is a wet sleeve there is lots of volume to cool. On the engine that I have, the starter is 24 volt but the rest of the system is 12. This situation creates a bit of a wiring nightmare. Good luck!
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Thanks for all the info guys! My engine is yellow in color.I think my intention would be to use it in a light truck,with fuel mileage the main concern.The mid 80s 3/4 ton with 25 to 28 mpg sounds pretty decent.I guess if I left the thing stock,ie don't turn up the fuel etc.It should be good on fuel right? In a light tk this 135 HP should run ok not? This engine is so clean it must be a good runner.I mean just looking in the rocker cover, its perfectly clean gray metal, and the outside is real clean also.IBENDEM how does your tk go power wise?Thanks again,CURIOUS.
I am looking for the crank pulley taper lock mount for my 6ds-7. Does anyone have one of these available?

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