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MPG Question.

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Contemplating a 12 Valve swap. What kind of highway MPG's (70mph) can I expect from a 12 Valve in a 2000 F250 4x4 Crew Cab 8' Bed with 3.55 gears and an NV4500? This would be my ideal application, using the stock tire size and stock engine besides maybe a straight pipe turbo back 4" exhaust and BHAF. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Destroked thinks mid twenties with this setup. Just wanted to see what peoples real world experiences were. I drive mostly highway and like I said I'd like to keep it mostly stock besides intake and exhaust, but we all know how long that lasts :)

Anyone else?

Thanks Im well aware of the 4bt I just really want the 6bt. Call me crazy but ive been able to find more 6bt's and at a cheaper price than 4bt's. I know the whole point of this thread was MPG's but I still want some power too. Everyone keeps saying a 4bt will be enough power but im not convinced. Yes I know they haul around delivery vans and such but have you ever driven one of those things? If I was doing a Ranger or half ton then yes I would entertain a 4bt, but for a 3/4 ton truck, I really feel the dirty dozen is the way to go. Maybe I'm wrong? Plus I think it will be easier to get parts later on if im using a dodge 12 valve, dodge clutch, dodge trans, etc. Even though I know alot of parts are interchangable. Im assuming to make the same power as a 6bt with a 4bt i'd have to increase fueling, which would decrease economy. A modded 4bt to achieve the same power as a stock 6bt would probably get around the same economy right?
Im sure a 4bt would get the mileage I want and work just fine. I rarely tow anything. I just know i'll kick myself for not doing a 6bt if I ever want to add a bunch of power down the road like your saying. My only solution... build two trucks, one for MPG and one for power! :rock Haha I wish I had the cash for that. So you think 20 mpg would be feasable with the truck I mentioned above and a stock 6bt? I'd be happy with that.
I'll be doing it all myself with the help of fellow co-workers. Im a tech at a Mercedes-Benz dealer so I'll have all the equipment and tools I'll just be working on it after hours and on saturdays etc.
Nice! What kind of power do you think I could make while still staying in my 20 MPG goal?
Bought a '99 regular cab V10 ZF5 4x4 with 3.73 gears. Hopefully I can locate a good engine soon for my 12 valve swap. Thanks for your help gents.
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