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Developed a slight leak on the driver's side of the radiator @66,000 miles. No problems with the radiator prior to this leak. I took it to Brandon Ford and the Service Advisor, Robert, came back telling me I needed a new lower hose, radiator and degas bottle. He then informed me it was all covered under the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. I just have the basic warranty, and a service maintenance agreement, no extended coverage. But it was all covered, thankfully, because the bill would have been almost $1700

Spoke to the tech who worked on it and he told me that Ford feels that the degas bottles are the culprit now, so I had wait for one to be overnighted as there were none in the state. He also told me that Ford does not want them to bother with the thermostat anymore as they don't feel that is the issue any longer.

Not sure what issues others have faced when having this work done, but I didn't have to even ask for any favors as they told me right off that it was warrantied work. They also gave me a loaner car since the job would take longer than expected with the degas bottle being overnighted.

As I said, not sure what circumstances others have faced with their dealers, but Brandon Ford has done right by me for years now, so if your are in the Tampa area, I recommend them.
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