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my ford is about to get a cummins!

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i just bought an 04 high output motor complete with accessories, transmission and transfercase. i plan on putting in the old ford soon ifanyone is interested in my 7.3 let me know everything is for sale.


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Nice. Are you staying busy over there?
Nice. Are you staying busy over there?
oh yea, it seems that everything works in 3's, meaning i have to talk to 3 different people or go to 3 different places to get anything done:bang
I've heard from a few different people that it's getting to be a real PITA to get anything done over there.
...just got off the phone with auto world and bought everything including the painless wiring harness...
I've heard this is deffinently the way to go. Congrats on the new project.
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41 - 44 of 44 Posts
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