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NADM Clean Diesel Challenge
NADM is proud to be the first association for Diesel Motorsports
to make a move for less smoke.

Starting in 2009, NADM will offer a “Clean Diesel Challenge” for our competitors at every event.

Specific details will be released but the intent is to encourage maximum performance with no smoke. NADM will select a nonpartisan panel for judging. A monetary prize will be offered to the winners with the accompanied promotion of achieving this standard. It’s meant to be fun, and challenging for the builders and tuners in the diesel market. This will be available at all drag races as well as sled pulls!

Winners will be posted on NADM web site and promoted with sponsors!

The goal is to not smoke. The rules are not 100% complete, I am checking and rechecking my calculations. But here is the main portion of it for drag racing.

Any street legal full bodied truck can enter.

To start, we will have the challenge and limit it to 16 trucks per event. Trucks will make side by side passes being judged on emitted smoke, by people we select from the crowd. This will be on a scale of 1-10 for smoke level. 10 being dead clean, 0 being total blackout. This WILL be a subjective rating based on each individual judges opinion.

You will also be awarded performance points for your achieved ET based on a fixed scale I have developed. Currently, no performance points are awarded for a truck 14.7 seconds or slower and 10 points are awarded for anyone that can run a 10.0 or quicker. The scale drops 1 point for every .5 second. This may change as I "run through" some examples.

There is a 60 foot grace period (judging will start at the 60' cone) for now to give competitors time to get on top of their turbo(s).

Judge scores will be totaled, and averaged between them to determine the winner. In the event of a tie, ET will be used, and if there is still a tie, we will have the judges vote a winner.

I want to include N2O, but will need to see how I balance that with points. I will probably deduct points for N2O use. Why, this is a street class. It is designed to see how many of you CAN make street legal power cleanly. N2O is not legal for the street. But, we also want to encourage less smoke on the track, and N2O is good for that. It is easier to bolt on a NX kit than to match pistons, injectors, turbo(s) and tuning for clean power. I believe we should recognize that in some way.

We are calling this a challenge, because that is what it is. NADM wants to see if you guys can make power without the smoke. It's meant to be fun, and the guys that win it will be featured in our newsletter and website (and possibly other media) so we can share what this person did to achieve that victory. There are lots of people out there that want big power without the smoke. We should be able to provide some good examples of ways to do it.

Anyone competing in this challenge can still run the normal classes. Since this is one pass for each entrant, it should not interfere with your competition rounds.

First chance will be at the Rock drag race April 11!
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