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didn't see any other recent clutch threads...

title says it. motor coming out for rebuild/replace and i don't want to have to go back in for clutch, so i want to do it now.

- hp goals are 500hp max - probably not for a very long time to come. more like 350 to 400-ish for quite some time.
- use will be offroad/mudding/general 4-wheeling
- good pedal feel for low rpm engagement (low range crawling, etc)
- no towing, dragging, boosted launches, hi-rpm dumps, burn-outs, sled pulling, etc.
- gonna need new flywheel too, i assume

southbend seems to be the most favored. which one? options? totally open to suggestions.

TIA. PMs are fine, too.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts