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I am in need of a Raptor fuel pump and a set of 75hp injector nozzles for my 2000 Cummins. I have a Holley pump on the truck now, but like the rest that I have had on there, it is leaking like crazy again, and I am ready to do this one last time. I only need the pump, as I have all the wiring done with a factory style connector, so the kit is not necessary. The cheapest I have seen JUST the pump so far is about $349.

While I have everything apart, I would like to put in a set of 75hp nozzles. Edge, BD, whatever you can give me a price on. While looking, I see the 75's are around $195 for the set.

The reason I am posting here is I would like to buy from a TDG vendor rather than some random company on line. I also want to get the pump and nozzles from the same supplier.

PM me quotes and shop phone number. My Discover Card and I are anxious to return your PM's! I want to have this stuff no later than Friday, Oct. 9th.

Shipping zip code is 46545.

Thanks a ton,

- Jeffrey
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