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I just went and looked at a 389 that I am thinking about purchasing, truck has a factory DPF equipped C15, which I didn't even know existed until I saw it today. Also the truck is not currently running, The rocker arms are sitting in a box right now in the passenger seat. Peterbilt quoted 10K to fix the motor to the current owner and I think a new head was even in the quote so not exactly sure what happened but I guess some bolts broke in the head is what the driver was told, but they don't want to deal with fixing it. I am find with fixing it as long as I know what I'm really getting into with it and I can get it for the right price.

So with it popping head bolts and what not and a 10K estimate to fix, what else could of caused the truck to do this. If it will need anything else besides head work I've heard it could of dropped a liner to cause this but doubt that is in the quote to fix it.

What else needs to be done to one of these motors to make it decent besides removing some components that are after the turbos and between the exhaust stacks, and what is a good company to get ahold of to get parts and tuners to do such.

What other things need to be done to these motors to make them decent or after certain things are removed is it a good strong motor? Truck has right at 660K on it and the turbos were just replaced this summer.

Serial number is a SDP
Last stupid question as I was looking everything else over I guess this is not equipped with DEF fluid as I didn't see an extra tank. Just want to confirm that it doesn't have that.

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