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So I bought a 2008 F350 truck a few weeks back. It has 95K on the odometer but, unknowing at the time of the auction, it had a complete new engine at 89K, so I have a newly rebuilt truck (had to do a bit of body work from an accident) with a practically new engine. Pretty nice deal.

So here's where my questions begin. I bought a Spartan tuner and DPF/CAT delete. I am reading where the new updates shut the EGR off, does that mean I don't need to but a ERG delete kit or is the EGR portion of tuner only make the computer ignore the err codes? If I need a EGR delete kit, I see two kinds, some are similar to a 6.0 to just block the exhaust, others have a waste gate. Which should I get and why?

Back to the newly installed engine, I have read where job 1 trucks have inadequate head gaskets, since this was installed in 2010, is there a serial number registry to know engine numbers to ensure I have a decent rig?

I plan to install engine coolant filter and change everything else. It has just had a coolant flush as well as transmission flush. Anything else to think about? I want a truck that will last, yes I know 6.4 has its issues, but I'm hoping that eliminating the liabilities might work.
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