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well, my motor is being put back together by the shop. injectors were tested and they all failed the pop and spray pattern tests. new stock 215hp injectors were quoted at $660. shop offered to rebuild them for $510.

i figure for that kind of money i would be better off investing into an aftermarket injector.

sooooooooo: what size do i want????

use: offroad, mud, trail, street driving (not racing). stock turbo for now, would like to upgrade turbo or build a set of twins off of the stock (maybe w/ a '3b) in the near future. motor will be put into another [larger] truck as a repower, still to be used offroad. edit: hp goals are to end up around 500hp.

the rebuild shop (who aren't big into hi-po mods and don't know much else) suggested what sound like bosch 300's for over $600.

so let's here the suggestions!!! :thumbsup
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